Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Gothic Period (pt. 2)

Stained-glass windows become very popular.  This would have added to the already dramatic lighting found in churches (like Hagia Sophia).  Remember that light is a symbol of God's presence.  What better art could have been made at this time than art which could literally light up in the sun and radiate its colorful splendor in the church.
Another element added to churches was flying buttresses, which is a hilarious name for the supporting columns on the outside of the main infrastructure.  Quasimodo slides down Notre Dame's flying buttresses in the Disney version of Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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  1. Really nice photos. Ahh, the extraordinary Notre Dame Cathedral is breath-takingly beautiful, nside and out! It makes you feel humble. There are even small defensive portals in the exterior walls. The presence of the era, now past, is truly palpable. I hope you get to experience it personally someday; I hope to see it again. But not on a Sunday morning, as a Christian, not a Catholic, you will be, with a bit of forceful authority, politely removed. I speak from experience. I'm enjoying this very interesting, and educational blog, :D Thank you.