Friday, January 11, 2013

Romanesque Medieval (pt. 4)

Once again, inside these churches, reliefs, as well as illuminated manuscripts, were used to teach the faith to illiterate people.  The images told Bible stories.  The reliefs tended to be carved on the tympanum as people entered the church.  The tympanum is the half-round panel that fills the space between the lintel and the arch over the doorway of a church.  Here is the Last Judgment tympanum relief.
God the Father is the large figure appropriately located in the center (hierarchic scaling).  On His right side are the believers to whom the Kingdom is promised, while on His left are the condemned.  The twelve disciples stand below God.  …Why put a huge carving of the Last Judgment right above your church doors?  This image, and the idea of judgment of sinners, was meant to scare people into church.  Theoretically, this warning would terrify people so much that they would run into the church for salvation.  …And then the priests would make more money.

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