Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ancient Greece (pt. 3)

Greek vase decoration is most prevalently seen during 900-700B.C., and the figures on the vases often appear very geometrical.  Characters are made of triangles and lines, but realism developed over time, and characters became more lifelike.  The theme of Greek vase decorations: storytelling.
Here is the Vase with Ajax and Achilles Playing Morra (dice), painted by Exekias.  It shows two Greek generals playing a board game with which they were so preoccupied that they did not hear the enemy coming.  Exekias put in details to make the scene realistic, such as the generals' equipment, set aside behind each of them, and he painted it to fit the curve of the vase.  By the 6th century B.C. we begin to see artist signatures on pots (the first signed works of art).

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