Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Impressionism (pt. 17)

Berthe Morisot was the great-granddaughter of Fragonard.  In the Louvre, where she studied art, she met and soon became close friends with Édouard Manet.  For a long time she was a student of Manet, and eventually she went on to marry Manet's brother Eugène.  Her initial similarity in style to Édouard Manet's art appears in works like this still life of a Tureen and Apple, completed in 1877.
She paints her objects flat and very upfront on the canvas, and she uses very quick, featherlike brushstrokes to convey subjects with delicate levity.  Here it is just objects, but Morisot frequently liked to paint scenes in the lives of women.  Her approach to art technique imitated Manet, but her approach to subject matter differed greatly.

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