Sunday, March 23, 2014

Impressionism (pt. 10)

After Monet, other artists adopted the Impressionist approach to stylistic painting to create their own works of art.  Pierre Auguste Renoir took inspiration from Claude Monet to produce his early works like this painting of Le Pont Neuf.
Similar to Monet's method, Renoir focuses on sunlight here.  The entire painting is almost blindingly bright because it is depicting the warm afternoon sun's effect on the light-colored pavement of the street.  The Seine River and the buildings in the distance beyond the bridge appear much shadier, but the radiation of the sun on the bright pavement's surface causes viewers to feel an immediate intensity of glare which almost makes one think about putting sunglasses on when looking at this painting.  The vividness of the light is one of the clearest elements of this painting, and Renoir intentionally wanted to paint this busy Parisian spot right in the middle of the day, at the height of the sun's brilliance.

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