Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ancient Egypt (pt. 3)

At around 1,630B.C., Egypt was overrun by a population of Asiatic people called the Hyksos, who had been settled in northern Egypt for some time.  The Hyksos easily conquered the grand empire with horses and chariots as well as a handful of other advanced weapons and military techniques.  For over a hundred years the Hyksos ruled Egypt until the Egyptians caught on to the new inventions, made their own chariots, and took back their land, in addition to some neighboring areas in c. 1,570B.C., marking the beginning of the New Kingdom.
It was Amenhotep III who helped Egypt rise to its peak.  Thebes became the capital of Ancient Egypt and was said to be the most magnificent city in the whole world.  This illustrious empire lasted until 332B.C., when Alexander the Great of Macedonia conquered the land, and in 30B.C., Egypt became a Roman province.
That is an overview of the history; now for a better look into the art, architecture, and culture…

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