Thursday, June 23, 2011


You guys ready to look at some art?  Haha, it's going to be fun!  Just to set some context, I didn't know the first thing about art at all until my senior year of high school when I took an art history class just as an elective.  So this is based off what I learned there and what I've learned since.  I am no art connoisseur, not by a long shot, but herein relates what I've learned and what I think.  At the start, I want to cite Gene A. Mitler's textbook Art in Focus as my main source.

               This moment, if you join me, we begin
               A partnership where both must toil to hold
               The clue that I caught first.  We lose or win
               Together; if you read, you are enrolled.
          -C. S. Lewis, Dymer


  1. LOL So should I be insulted by the title? Fish in a Barrel? :P JK

  2. No no no dear. You have to say it right. Ari-el. Lion of God, thank you very much. :D

  3. One of the best blogs I have seen! Great job! Thank you!